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Setting up an IVR and Voice Recording

HPBX allows you to set up IVR’s as well as allowing you to create voice recordings by using your phone, in this tutorial I will create a Voice Recording using my phone and an IVR in hpbx.

The first part of this tutorial will be making the voice recording. To do this you first need to login to HPBX and go to features and then sound files.

Click on call to record and fill out the number that HPBX will call to record your message I have put in the number 4152562.

After recording your message click return to the list of sounds and your recorded message should be there along, it will have the name of the date and time that the recording was made.

You can rename the recording to something meaningful by clicking on the current name of the recording. I have renamed my recording to Test IVR and clicked Save.

Now I will create an IVR using the Recording I just made along with options to call below is a the configuration that I want to have for this IVR.

Press 1 – telephone 4152562
Press 2 – voicemail 4152562
Press 3 – conference room 841502
Press 4 – mobile 0400123456
Time out –telephone 4152562

First I go to Features and then IVR menus

I then click on New and give the IVR menu a name of Test IVR Menu, Time Out of 10 seconds and click save.

Now click set the destinations

Select the recording that was made early as the sound file to use and then click Use or upload

Then click continue editing IVR and under destinations click 1.

I have set the destination for telephone 4152562

I have now clicked save and continue editing, I will now click 2 under destinations and set it for the voicemail of voicemail 4152562.

Next I will do the same for Option 3 and set its destination for conference room 841502

Next I will do the same for Option 4 and set its destination for mobile phone number 0400123456

Finally I will set the time out to call telephone 4152562, to do this I click time out under destinations and set the destination for telephone 4152562

The IVR should now be configured and setup.

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