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Move Away From Existing Provider

Moving between telecommunication providers can often be confusing, leaving you as the consumer lost in the process.

MBIT strive to empower our customers in “making the change.”


MBIT provide business hour helpdesk support, with afterhours availability.

You will speak with one of our trained VoIP support technicians in Australia without having to wait in a queue or deal with scripted escalation processes.

As MBIT manage our own carrier grade network, our team have experience in all levels of end to end VoIP troubleshooting.

Our support team are here to provide assistance and advice for all telephony related inquires.


Porting allows you to move your numbers from one carrier to another.

To port to MBIT, we require a Port Authorisation Form  filled out and signed. MBIT can then request your numbers be released from your current provider, and become active under MBIT.

For full information on the porting process, please see Number Porting.


MBIT offer contract free, month-to-month solutions.

If you are not already using an Asterisk based system or are looking for a system upgrade, with a description of your callflow, MBIT can replicate your setup onto a new SIP system or straight into our hosted platform, HPBX.

With an account with MBIT, you receive access to HPBX services such as fax-to-email and SMS-to-email, as well as all of the PBX features offered by HPBX to manage your callflow.

MBIT are always transparent with ongoing charges, and where call-rates apply. There are no hidden fees in our services.

Purchasing or Re-utilising Hardware

If your existing hardware cannot be reutilised, MBIT keep stock of server equipment that (with the required details) can be configured and shipped usually within a day of notification.

Please see our MBIT Shop.

MBIT can also work with your IT provider to have your PBX setup in a virtual environment. This requires an existing virtual server, and some time spent of your IT provider for the initial setup.

Depending on your existing telephony environment, MBIT may also be able to replicate your setup to our Hosted PBX (HPBX).

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