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Work From Home VOIP

MBIT offer solutions to meet your remote work requirements. These solutions include Softphones and VPN capable IP Phones. We are also able to support Microsoft Teams devices as call endpoints.

Microsoft Teams

MBIT are able to integrate Microsoft Teams into our carrier network, effectively making any Teams user a SIP endpoint.

From our Hosted PBX platform (HPBX) we can designate inbound callflow for mixed telephony or Teams-only environment, allowing users to receive and make phone calls on the go or while working remotely from any Microsoft Teams connected device.


Softphones empower anyone to manage phone calls remotely, as well as minimise desktop clutter.

MBIT offer a premium Softphone, able to be connected back to an extension on a SIP server. This Softphone is supported on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.


VPN IP Phones

With Yealink’s extensive IP phone range, you can utilise their VPN capabilities to connect back to an “on-premise” SIP server, or straight to MBIT’s Hosted PBX Platform, HPBX.

Here you can maintain the convenience and features of a deskphone from any unrestricted Internet connection.

IP Phone

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MBIT has solutions to meet your remote work requirements.