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At MBIT we deliver intelligent hosted PBX systems backed up by genuine customer service. Forget waiting on hold for hours on end or putting up with frustrating tech that fails when you need it most. Our hosted PBX systems are thoroughly tested in-house to ensure you’re getting the best, plus, our knowledgeable staff are on hand at all times to provide responsive, dedicated support with no queues and no automated messages.

We’ve spent over 10 years providing hosted PBX for businesses of all shapes and sizes and can deliver a hosted PBX system that meets your unique needs.

Exceptional customer service and easy, fast setup

Hosted Private Branch Exchange, or HPBX, is our all-in-one PBX, Billing, and Carrier management portal. Your HPBX system can be used for managing numbers, diverts and voicemail, generating call history reports, creating hunt groups, queues and IVR menus, SMS, fax, invoicing and payment and so much more. 

It’s an all-purpose ultra user-friendly system that will make communication easier and more efficient for your workplace. Plus, your account and basic workflow can be ready to go in as little as 30 minutes. 

Our team personally tests all HPBX tech and systems in-house before providing them to you, so we know every detail inside out and can provide you with expert advice and assistance. 

Choose from our great value HPBX packages and get started today

Unlimited national and mobile calls

Includes 1x DID per extension

Unlimited national and mobile calls

Includes configured Yealink T33G

Includes 1x DID per extension

Unlimited national and mobile calls

Includes configured Yealink T54W

Includes 1x DID per extension

Utilises the strong foundation of FreePBX & Asterisk

Allows for advanced customisation of your call environment

Hosted in Amazon's AWS

Hosted PBX Call Rates


27.5 cents untimed (outbound)
11 cents per minute (inbound)


Free (outbound)
13.2 cents per minute (inbound)

International Numbers

Varies per destination.
Please contact MBIT for the latest call rates.

Additional Numbers Through Hosted PBX

Regular Numbers

$5.50 per month

1300 Numbers

$16.50 per month

1800 Numbers

$33.00 per month

Mobile Numbers

$11.00 per month

Hosted PBX System Features


Easy to use hosted platform gives access to a huge range of PBX features including Hunt Groups, Queues, Auto Attendant and more.


Keep track of messages with intelligent voicemail solutions including external access, email notification and easy web access to all voicemail messages.


All accounts have access to HPBX’s web portal where your current monthly spend can be accessed and calls and associated costs can be checked from any queried time period.


Access comprehensive reports by viewing invoices, transactions, and CDRs (including real-time call costs) online and downloading them to spreadsheets.


Send and receive virtual faxes with ease. Your faxes can be converted to PDF and emailed to your team, plus you can also attach documents to an email and send them as a fax.


Protect sensitive data with advanced security inclusions. Class of Service features permit users to allow and deny select destinations.

Providing excellent hosted PBX in Australia for over 10 years

Our team of experienced specialists are highly trained in all our products. We only sell and recommend products we would use ourselves and we thoroughly test all systems before passing them on to you. This means we back up all our HPBX solutions with knowledgeable aftercare and client support, so you can rest assured your HPBX will work as it should for many years to come. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our hosted PBX solutions and how they can improve your workplace.

Customer service

More information about our hosted PBX solutions features and inclusions

Firstly, what can an HPBX do?

A hosted PBX is an integrated communication solution offering PBX, Billing and a Carrier management portal. It provides all the usual call flow features of a phone system along with a range of services designed to make your workflows and tasks simpler and more efficient.

Here’s a short overview of some of the functions your HPBX system can perform:

  • • Quickly and easily create user/registration/voicemail mappings
  • • Create Hunt Groups, Queues and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Menus
  • • Manage numbers, diverts and voicemail
  • • SMS
  • • Virtual fax
  • • Manage your account settings
  • • Generate Call History reports
  • • View Active Calls
  • • Manage payment and invoicing information
  • • Provide virtual reception services via Auto Attendant

An Auto Attendant is essentially a virtual receptionist which can answer the phone and provide a personalised message to people calling your business. The Auto Attendant can then provide options to connect to the operator, connect to configurable extensions or dial by an extension or name. The Auto Attendant feature of your hosted PBX system can be used in a multilevel arrangement or as a standalone option.

Direct inward dialling, or DID, involves connecting a group of phone numbers to your hosted PBX. This means that your business can have multiple virtual numbers which can bypass the main reception and be directed straight to a nominated desk extension or a block of extensions. Each of our hosted PBX packages comes with one DID per extension.

A Hunt Group is essentially a phone hierarchy which ensures all inbound phone calls to your business get answered. A Hunt Group sends the phone call to a whole group of users until one of the users is available to answer the call. If all users are unavailable in the hunt group then the call will go to voicemail. As an example, someone calling your business might usually have their call answered by the office manager, but if the office manager is unable to take the call a Hunt Group can then redirect that call to other members of your organisation until someone is able to take it.

Our hosted PBX systems have Queueing features which place incoming calls in a queue to be answered by a list of chosen extensions while the caller listens to hold music.

Within your HPBX system, you can create detailed reports and view invoices, transactions and call detail records, or CDRs. You can view your call history and filter it by things like leg status (answered versus unanswered), leg direction (inbound versus outbound), and called number.  Your information can then easily be downloaded into spreadsheets for your records.

Our hosted PBX systems come with Class of Service features which allow you to permit or deny chosen destinations.

Our convenient web portal allows you to access your current monthly PBX spend. Our spend management options allow you to review all calls and associated costs within specified timeframes to help manage your call spending.

With our hosted PBX systems, you can receive and send virtual faxes. Faxes can be converted to PDF and sent as emails and documents can also be attached to emails and sent as faxes.

It’s easy to keep track of voice messages with our handy voicemail options which come as standard with all our HPBX packages. You can receive email notifications of new voicemails plus you’ll have easy external and web access to all your messages.

At MBIT we offer Yealink phones with select HPBX packages. The Yealink SIP-T33G offers a high-performance colour screen IP phone system and offers support for 4 lines along with local 5-way conferencing capabilities. This entry-level phone is ideal for office use in a variety of industries and offers a super comfortable user experience with clear visual displays.

This sleek modern-looking phone is designed to last and will serve your office for years. Our team tests all our telecom solutions in-house and we only recommend the best to our clients. The Yealink T33G features:

  • • Extra-large 320×240-pixel color display with backlight
  • • A dual-port Gigabit Ethernet with integrated PoE
  • • EHS35 support for Yealink wireless headset
  • • An adjustable multi-angle stand support

This cost-effective solution is suited to offices of all sizes. Learn more about the Yealink T33G.

The Yealink T53W combines everyday VoIP phone features with wireless functionality with quick network connectivity regardless of its installation location. The T53W also has Bluetooth functionality making it ideal for use with wireless headsets. This phone set features:

  • • Yealink Optima HD audio technology, providing excellent wideband sound quality on the hearing aid compatible handset and full-duplex speakerphone
  • • Yealink Acoustic Shield background noise reduction technology
  • • A large adjustable backlit display for easy information reading
  • • Open SIP protocol for an incredible choice of VoIP phone systems
  • • 12 line support
  • • USB port which allows for USB headset connection, record calls via a USB stick call recording, and Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module connection.

Yealink T53W is designed first and foremost for functionality, with smart features that make it comfortable and practical for use in a range of office settings. TheYealink T53W is particularly well suited to common workspaces thanks to its advanced background noise-reducing technology. Learn more about the Yealink T53W.

FAQs about hosted PBX for businesses

Yes. We understand working remotely comes with its own challenges like missed calls, managing different departments remotely and managing multiple team members in various locations. It can be needlessly complicated and unfortunately, it can be easy for things to be missed or data lost.

With this in mind, our hosted PBX system offers a backup feature to help manage system configuration, recordings, call logs and call history records in the event of an office server issue.

Your information is stored in Amazon’s AWS and all information can be accessed via your MBIT HPBX login. Rather than storing your data via internal hardware, your information will be safely and securely stored in the cloud where you can access it wherever you are in the world.

Plus, your data can be stored for up to seven years, so you are not at risk of losing any current or important data.

MBIT uses Amazon’s AWS as it is highly reliable — in our years with Amazon, it has offered seamless availability and has never gone down, meaning our clients feel more confident and secure storing their data with MBIT. 

Thanks to servers like Amazon, many businesses are moving away from office hosted to cloud hosted systems. Team members from all over the world can access the system and access the data they need to complete their daily tasks and provide seamless customer service.

To view your call history, simply log into MBIT’s HPBX with your personalised login details and then click Reports > Call History.

In order to find the data you need, you may need to expand the filter setting and update the start date to view the necessary time period for calls. We have several useful filters to choose from including Leg Status (i.e. Answered vs Unanswered), Leg Direction (i.e. Inbound vs Outbound), Called Number (the number that called or the number your employee called).

For document keeping and auditing, our HPBX also allows you to generate call history reports on a regular basis. Thanks to the cloud-based nature of our hosted PBX system, you can generate complete reports for review, identify any missed or unanswered calls and improve customer service with ease.

For some perspective, callbacks can provide a smoother customer experience and alleviate frustration, and over 25% of people prefer the callback option over any waiting period.

With this in mind, we recommend completing regular reviews of your cloud-based call history report to ensure no customers have been missed along the way.

Your information and reports can easily be downloaded into a spreadsheet for record keeping, while maintaining the privacy and security of your customers’ information.

If one of your team members misses a call or is currently on a call, our hosted PBX system will add the caller to a queue to be answered by a list of chosen extensions while the caller listens to hold music.

In addition, our hosted PBX comes with an Auto Attendant service i.e. a virtual receptionist who can answer the phone and provide options to connect the customer to the appropriate operator or department. Your Auto Attendant can be used on multiple levels or as a standalone option, depending on the size and nature of your business.

Your Auto Attendant’s message can also be customised to provide seamless service and easy navigation for your customers.

If a call is missed after hours, customers can leave a voicemail — a standard service in all of our HPBS packages. You and your team members will receive an email notification when a new voicemail comes in, so the next available team member can call the customer back as soon as possible.

You can access voicemails online, wherever you are in the world.

Via the HPBX web interface, you can also upload customised greetings based on whether the receiving operator is unavailable or busy. Here is a quick explainer of the greeting options available via the HPBX interface:

Unavailable: this greeting plays for the customer when a phone is unanswered or the call goes on unrejected. This is the default message when used in HPBX callflow setups.

Busy: this greeting plays when a receiving operator is already on a call or the call has been rejected.

Temporary: this option overrides unavailable or busy messages until “deleted” from the mailbox. If the recording is uploaded to Sounds, the recording will remain in HPBX.

In short, all businesses can benefit from a hosted PBX system. This system allows you to have more control over calls and customer service both internally and remotely, and connects your team on a whole new level. This is especially helpful for teams who are working from home, but still need to be connected to provide premium customer service.

However, there are some particular industries who benefit from a hosted PBX system more than others. Call centres and government agencies, for example, need to be well connected to offer customer service, especially if they are providing service internationally.

Absolutely. Through the HPBX web interface, you can draft and send messages with all the most important details including:

– “From” number
– “To” number/s
– Your message

It is important to note that the destination carrier receiving the SMS may require an Australian mobile number (e.g. 04XXXXXXXX) as the Caller ID (CLID). The destination carrier may drop the message or move it to the receiver’s spam folder if the proper CLID is not sent.

If this message has not been sent, you will receive a notification, or you can view the message status within MBIT’s HPBX.

In addition to text messages, you can also send and receive virtual faces which can be converted to PDFs and sent as emails. Documents can also be attached to emails and sent as faxes, making the communication process seamless from start to finish.

On a hosted PBX system, you really depend on your internet connection to receive calls. If the internet goes down or your phone breaks, we understand that you still need to be able to receive calls, which is why our HPBX allows you to forward calls to another phone or mobile so you can still take calls.

To keep customer service flowing in the event of a blackout, internet outage or a broken phone, be sure to log into HPBX and navigate to Features > Telephone Lines. Here, you will see all telephone lines connected to your hosted PBX system. Here’s a key to help you understand the different flags and settings:

– Red flag means the extension is unregistered.
– No flag means the extension is registered.
– Green flag means the extension is on a call.

Under the telephone line with a red flag, you will see a field called “if unregistered, forward to”. Here, you or your team member can enter their mobile or another phone number where they can be contacted.

This will forward any calls to that team member’s alternate phone when the internet is down, or any other complications have occurred.

Don’t forget to press “save” before exiting the application.

Moving between telecommunication providers can often be confusing and complicated. Many consumers end up lost in the process — but not with MBIT. We empower our customers in “making the change” from one provider to another.

Via our help desk, we provide support for our customers during business hours with after hours availability. You will speak to one of our VoIP support technicians in Australia without having to wait in a queue or deal with scripted escalation processes. We manage our own carrier grade network and our team has experience in all levels of VoIP troubleshooting.

We also offer porting services, allowing you to move your numbers from one carrier to another. We require a Port Authorisation Form to be filled out and signed, but from here, we can request your numbers be released from your current provider and become active under MBIT.

At MBIT, our goal is to make the process quick and simple so you don’t have to deal with extended downtime. 

Yes! We’re committed to eliminating frustrating tech fails, which is why we’ve put in many hours testing our hosted PBX systems. Our team of specialists are highly trained and would only ever recommend products we have tested and used ourselves.

We test all systems before passing them onto you, so you can rest assured knowing your HPBX will work as it should for years to come. Plus, if you experience any problems with your HPBX, you can always contact our help desk with any telephony enquiries. Our team of specialists is always here to help and keep your system running smoothly.