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Setting Up Call Barring

HPBX makes it easy for you to block certain types of calls. In recent years this has been quite important for 2 reasons. It stops employees from making calls to places they don’t need to call as well as stopping hackers from defrauding your system.

First you need to login to HPBX and go to features then classes of service.

In this tutorial it will show you how to stop international calls for a particular extension. Click on the new button to create a new class of service.

I have created a new class of service called “No International”. Now click the save button. By default we will allow all internal and external calls. After saving the function click return to the class of service functions and then click into the No International function.

Now you are in the function you want to create an external exception to the normal rules. Click on the new button to create an exception.

To stop international I will now enter the number prefix 0011 and select deny. After selecting deny press the save button and continue back to the class of service.

Your class of service will now be setup and it will deny international calls for selected extensions. To select an extension to stop it from making international, go to features and then telephone lines. Select the telephone line that you wish to stop international calls on. I only have 1 so I will select 4152562.

Go to the field that has class of service and select the “No International” value. At the bottom press the save button.

Go to the phone with the selected extension and make sure that it cannot dial any international calls.

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