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Virtual PBX

Custom cloud-based PBX phone systems

Reliable web PBX for your business

Communication is the lifeblood of your business. With virtual PBX, you can integrate intelligent cloud-hosted communications into your business that provide the kind of reliable, fail-safe results you need. At MBIT, we understand that you need technology that works first time, every time, so we test all products in-house and provide dedicated after-sales care for a superior experience.

Virtual PBX provides custom, scalable cloud PBX solutions suitable for large-scale operations of 20 people or more. For small businesses and those with less complex cloud-based PBX phone system needs, we recommend our Hosted PBX systems.

When you talk to MBIT, you’ll talk to a real person, no robotic voices, no lengthy queues, just highly trained Australian technicians ready to help when you need them.

With over a decade of experience delivering tailored virtual PBX solutions to Australian businesses, we can create a custom solution to suit your communication needs.

Streamline your telecommunications with a customised cloud-based PBX phone system

Our virtual PBX systems offer superior customisation options ideal for workplaces with complex telecommunication needs. We can develop a web PBX system that meets your organisation’s unique telco requirements, whether you need reliable solutions for your call centre, reliable working from home solutions, secure internal communications or a customer-friendly IVR menu and queueing system.

Our experienced technicians can work with you to create a solution that streamlines your office and ensures smooth, stress-free operations and a superior experience for your customers.

We can integrate your virtual PBX system with any existing system with our expert CRM integrations service for a completely customised solution. We’ll take the time to assess your business needs and can make tailored recommendations to help you get the most out of your cloud-based PBX phone system.

Our virtual PBX solutions can be set up and deployed within two business days following confirmation of design details. Plus, our team will ensure minimal downtime with a fast, stress-free transfer from your existing telco provider and can even transfer your numbers for you with our free phone number porting service.

With unlimited extensions, secure backup capabilities, insightful reports and more, you’ll be able to run your office with efficiency and affordability. Plus, our technicians are on hand at all times, including after-hours, to provide dedicated tech support.

Start saving on telco costs and streamline your business with a smart, tailored web PBX system.

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Call Rates


27.5 cents untimed (outbound)
11 cents per minute (inbound)


Free (outbound)
13.2 cents per minute (inbound)

International Numbers

Varies per destination.
Please contact MBIT for the latest call rates.

Additional Numbers

Regular Numbers

$5.50 per month

1300 Numbers

$16.50 per month

1800 Numbers

$33.00 per month

Mobile Numbers

$11.00 per month

Virtual PBX System Features

Hosted in Amazon AWS

Move your phone infrastructure to the cloud with MBIT managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting services. With worldwide data centres and scalable infrastructure capabilities, your PBX will be secure with AWS.

Advanced Customisation

We’ll create a custom solution for your business utilising FreePBX’s flexible feature-set, including unlimited extensions, auto attendant menus, time conditions, queues, ring groups and much more, plus Asterisk’s customisation potential.

Rapid Deployment

Our custom virtual PBX solutions can be set up and deployed within two business days following confirmation of design details. Our trained technicians will ensure a smooth transition that minimises disruption to your business and lets you hit the ground running.

Strong Foundations

At MBIT, we’re experts in FreePBX and Asterisk, with over a decade of experience in the industry. Help is always just a phone call away and our highly trained support team endeavours to be transparent and responsive while we investigate support tickets.

Transparent Service

With our fixed plans, there are no hidden costs and we’ll never surprise you with undisclosed fees or charges. You’ll always know where you stand when you choose MBIT as your virtual PBX provider with 100% transparent services and clear fee structures.

Tested Solutions

At MBIT we only provide services we would use ourselves. Every piece of technology is meticulously tested by our trained technicians so we know we’re recommending the best -- plus we can provide knowledgeable troubleshooting services when required.

Delivering exceptional cloud PBX for over 10 years

We’re proud to provide exceptional virtual PBX services to a diverse range of clients. We take the time to train our team in every aspect of cloud PBX phone systems and technology to ensure you get the best possible customer service and support. All our systems are thoroughly vetted and tested in-house, and we only recommend the best solutions to our clients.

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Customer service

Our Virtual PBX Services Explained

More information about virtual PBX

A virtual PBX phone system offers all the usual functionalities of a traditional phone system, with the added advantage of a wide range of supplementary capabilities including:

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – IVR is an automated phone answering system which provides callers with a menu of options to choose from. Callers can select options via their keypad or using voice recognition. This technology helps to screen calls and direct them to the correct department within your organisation.

Auto Attendant – The Auto Attendant feature of our virtual PBX system uses the IVR technology outlined above to provide a virtual receptionist function to your business. Auto Attendant can provide a personalised message to customers ringing your company, providing them with a range of options including connection to configurable phone extensions, connection to the operator or to dial a particular number.

Call logging – Virtual PBX allows you to log call information against each customer or client, providing you with a valuable database of client communications to refer back to. This keeps a streamlined and easy-to-access record of crucial customer data right at your fingertips.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID) – DID allows virtual phone numbers to be called directly, bypassing the main reception number and sending callers to selected desk extensions or groups of extensions.

Reporting – Create custom reports within your Virtual PBX system, filtering calls by called number, leg status (whether or not the call was answered) and leg direction (whether the call was outbound or inbound). You can also view transactions, invoices and CDRs (call detail records). All reporting can easily be exported and filed as spreadsheets for your records.

Mappings – Quickly and easily create a range of user, registration and voicemail mappings for easy customised workflows.

Hunt Groups – Create strategic phone hierarchies which divert incoming calls to select sets of phone numbers. Hunt groups send incoming calls to specific numbers, diverting to each number in turn until the call is answered. If no members of the hunt group are available the call will be forwarded to your voicemail service. Hunt groups can consist of different departments or be company-wide.

Queues – Place incoming callers in a queue and provide custom hold music and messages for them to listen to with our Virtual PBX’s queueing feature. Multiple queues can be created in conjunction with our IVR and Auto Attendant capabilities with multiple call extensions able to be added to individual queues.

Voicemail management – Keep track of incoming voicemail with convenient voicemail management options. Receive email or other electronic notifications of new voicemails to ensure messages are answered quickly and efficiently plus gain easy online access to all messages.

SMS – Send and receive text messages in your Virtual PBX system and set up automated SMS flows and client reminders such as appointment notifications, confirmation texts and marketing texts.

Virtual fax – Send and receive virtual faxes by converting faxes to PDF and sending them as emails or as attached files.

View Active Calls – View all current calls with a user-friendly interface. Filter calls by number, extension, call type and more. Customer relationship management (CRM) integration – Virtual PBX can be integrated seamlessly with your current CRM platform and other software for an easy all-in-one solution with our seamless CRM integration service. Log client calls to customer files, link call information to billing and payment options and much more.

At MBIT we offer both virtual and hosted PBX solutions. Both solutions offer reliable VoIP telco services, however, virtual PBX allows for greater customisation and is typically suited to larger, more complex enterprises. If you’d like to know more about the differences between the two services and to find out which solution is right for your business, book in a consultation today.

Virtual PBX

• Highly customisable
• More expensive
• Suited to larger enterprises of 20 employees or more
• Customer relationship management system (CRM) integration
• More control over functionality and security
• Increased data collection and control

Hosted PBX

• Out-of-the-box
• Less costly
• Suited to small to medium businesses
There are many benefits to choosing a cloud-based PBX phone system for your business. The enhanced customisation capacity and superior control offered by virtual PBX systems make them a popular choice among large-scale enterprises and companies with complex telecommunication needs. Our virtual PBX systems can be written specifically to cater to your complex inbound call needs with any combination of systems integrations.

Virtual PBX is highly customisable. If you need a bespoke telco service that is integrated with your existing CRM and other internal systems, then virtual PBX is right for you. Cloud PBX allows for fully customised solutions tailored to the unique needs of your company. From integration with existing internal communication channels like Slack, to enhanced security measures and custom reporting, a virtual PBX system from MBIT can be configured to provide a streamlined, purpose-built solution for your business.

Separate and secure. A virtual PBX system is a stand-alone telco solution, meaning if other communications platforms go down your PBX phone system will still be online. A virtual PBX offers superior control when compared with hosted PBX solutions.

Detailed, accessible recordings. Call recordings can be collected and stored directly in cloud storage for easy access and long-term storage.

Integrated communication in your own environment. A virtual PBX system isn’t an external system to add to your operations, rather it’s a system which integrates into your existing work environment, seamlessly connecting other aspects of your workflow. Integrate your web PBX phone system with existing systems such as sales, onboarding and Microsoft teams for a custom, integrated solution.

Superior data collection. Virtual PBS allows for heightened data control and access, with easy on-demand web access available on all call recordings and data. Virtual PBX allows you to harvest a wide range of valuable data and create insightful reports on call types, duration, outcomes and more. Recorded calls can be held for seven years as well as being logged to Amazon cloud storage for indefinite access.

Enhanced security. Our virtual PBX systems come with Class of Service features which allow you to permit or deny chosen destinations, providing enhanced data security.

Virtual PBX with MBIT

At MBIT we’ve been providing Australian businesses with custom web PBX solutions for over 10 years. We invest heavily in training and education for our locally-based team to ensure a seamless customer experience for each of our clients. If you’re frustrated by your current telco provider or feel ready to move forward with the latest innovative technology, we’re here to help you streamline and grow your business.ost value to your business.

Free consultation and demonstration

Every business has unique telco requirements, so we’ll gladly show you how a tailored virtual PBX system can work for you. To see the practical benefits of a custom web PBX solution in action, book your free consultation with one of our Virtual PBX consultants. We’ll get to know your business’s unique requirements and make custom recommendations based on your operational needs. We can walk you through our virtual and hosted PBX options and provide you with a custom demonstration to find a solution that offers the most value to your business.

Rapid installation, minimal downtime

Time is money, so we know you need your system to work from the word “go”. Our custom virtual PBX solutions can be set up and deployed within two business days following confirmation of your design details. Our experienced technicians will ensure minimal disruption to your day to day operations and get your new web PBX system up and running quickly – plus, with our tried and tested tech your solution is guaranteed to work from the moment it’s turned on. Our technical support desk will be available throughout the transition to help you avoid roadblocks and keep your telecommunications system flowing smoothly.

Dedicated support from Australian technicians

Fed up with mediocre telco and lacklustre tech support? With MBIT you’ll receive dedicated technical support from Australian experts – and you’ll talk to a real person, not a robot! Our helpdesk is available five days a week with after-hours help also available. We’re here for you whenever you need us with responsive, transparent troubleshooting and assistance only ever a phone call away. Every member of our team has hands-on experience in dealing with our hardware and software. We manage our own carrier-grade network and our team has experience in all levels of end to end VoIP troubleshooting to ensure a stress-free experience for you and your customers.

Custom telco solutions tailored to your business

Your company has unique telco requirements, and with our flexible virtual PBX systems, we can write a custom web PBX program that enhances the efficiency of your workplace with smart, integrated communications. Our web PBX can be integrated with your existing systems for a seamless telco experience that removes bottlenecks and smooths your communication and data storage processes. Whether you need heightened data access, a custom internal phone network or tailored menu options we’ll come up with a system that ticks all the boxes at an affordable price.

10+ Years of PBX experience

With over a decade of experience in the virtual PBX industry, we’re the experts in all things Asterisk and FreePBX. Web PBX technology is constantly evolving, and with our strong foundations and invaluable wealth of experience and expertise, we can meet changes head on to provide our customers with an innovative, industry-leading cloud PBX experience. We’re committing to providing our staff with ongoing training to stay ahead of the game in all things PBX, leading to a better, more efficient service for our customers.

Advanced spend management capabilities

With fair prices and transparent spend reporting and management, you can better manage your communication budget. Gain a clear overview of your current monthly spending with our handy online portal, filter your reports to view PBX spending by call types and set specific time frames to assess your current expenditure. Our spend management system allows you to take greater control of your telecommunications costs with full transparency and customisable reports. With superior access to your spending data, you can easily identify opportunities to reduce expenditure and streamline your business.

Fair, affordable, transparent pricing

With our fixed price plans, our virtual PBX service has absolutely no hidden fees or unexpected costs. When you sign on with MBIT you know exactly what you’re getting from the start – exceptional, reliable telco solutions at a fair, transparent price. With a range of sip trunk options and virtual PBX prices starting from $77 per month, you’ll be able to take control of your telco costs. Plus, with our spend management capabilities, you can instantly see where your telco costs are coming from and identify ways to reduce and manage your telco expenditure.

Trusted technology with all products tested in-house

Our experienced team of PBX experts test every single piece of tech in-house before recommending it to our clients. This means that every solution we offer at MBIT comes thoroughly vetted for absolute peace of mind – you can rest assured you’re getting the best with MBIT. Plus, thanks to our thorough testing process our specialists can remove any roadblocks by consulting with the supplier prior to recommending the product and conducting pre-emptive troubleshooting.

Smooth, easy transitions from your existing provider

We know the idea of switching telco providers can be stressful, but we’re here to help you at every stage of the transition. We’ll ensure minimal downtime for your business and provide a complimentary porting service to bring all your existing phone numbers over to MBIT. There’s no reason to keep paying for unreliable, expensive telco that doesn’t perform at the level you need. We’ll make switching to MBIT simple, easy and fast with dedicated help from our experienced technicians.

Our Virtual PBX technology

We only select the best technology for our web PBX service. Our in-house technicians thoroughly test our equipment and software to ensure we’re passing on the most effective and reliable solutions to our clients.

Amazon’s AWS

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, which is Amazon’s cloud platform. AWS is the world’s most widely used cloud platform with millions of users worldwide thanks to its wide availability and reliability. At MBIT, we choose to host our virtual PBX services in AWS as it can be trusted to work throughout Australia.

Reliable – Amazon’s AWS offers the stability and reliability of global computing infrastructure that has been continually improved for more than a decade.
Secure – with end to end security, ISO 27001 compliance and superior safety measures in place across its physical technology, infrastructure, software and operations, AWS offers a truly secure telco experience.
Scalable – AWS offers colossal storage resources and infrastructure to ensure easy instantaneous scaling that grows with you.


FreePBX is the software hosted in Amazon’s AWS which manages the Asterisk telecommunications system. Put simply, this is the program which allows all the telco functionality of our web PBX systems.

At MBIT, we’re some of Australia’s leading providers of FreePBX services and our team has in-depth knowledge of FreePBX’s functionality and can provide expert troubleshooting and technical support.

FreePBX offers an expansive range of flexible features including:

• Unlimited Extensions – add an unlimited number of individual extensions to your virtual PBX service
• IVR/Auto Attendant Menus – streamline your phone system with a virtual receptionist, create interactive menus for a better customer experience and more.
• Flexible connections – Register a connection from any SIP compatible device
• Queues and Ring Groups – create custom queues and ring groups to ensure all incoming calls are answered even if the primary number is busy.
• Backup functionality – securely store data and ensure your system works regardless of unexpected interruptions or outages.
• Play hold music – choose custom hold music and messages for customers to listen to while waiting.


Asterisk is a telecommunications toolkit which offers a range of functionalities designed to be used with a range of applications, most commonly PBX. Asterisk is a fully customisable communication solution and can be configured as a contact centre software solution, voicemail system, automated call distributor, a virtual PBX system and many other functions.

At MBIT, we use Asterisk to create custom virtual PBX solutions tailored to the exact needs of our clients, incorporating whatever functionalities are needed to ensure a smooth, industry-leading telco experience.

FAQs about web PBX

Yes, our virtual PBX service comes with a robust backup feature which allows you to safeguard call logs, system configurations, recordings, records and other data in the event of a server outage.

Working from multiple offices and working from home has led to businesses facing complex data storage challenges, and it’s all too easy for important data to slip through the cracks and be lost. With MBIT’s virtual PBX, because your data is stored virtually using Amazon’s AWS, it is protected in the event of hardware failures or other unforeseen data risks.

Our virtual PBX systems allow for advanced customisation, so you can configure your backup feature to store data for as long as you need.

A virtual or cloud-based PBX system may be right for your business if any of the following statements apply to you:

• You need a specific, tailored PBX solution
• You want greater control over your customer experience
• You need detailed, customisable reporting
• You want greater control over your data
• You want to be able to access data on demand

We generally recommend our virtual PBX solutions to companies with 20 or more users. If you’re unsure whether a virtual PBX is right for your company, feel free to get in touch and talk to one of our PBX consultants.
The key to minimising the impact on your business during a telco company switch is keeping downtime to an absolute minimum and ensuring your technology works from the moment it’s turned on. At MBIT, we’ll help you make the switch from your current provider by offering technical and logistical support at every stage of the transition.

Plus, we offer a complimentary porting service which allows you to keep all your current phone numbers, removing the need to transition to different numbers and ensuring seamless transition for you and your clients. With help desk support available during and after business hours our trained Australian technicians are available any time to help you with expert troubleshooting – no waiting in a queue or talking to a machine!
PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone system used within an organisation or business. A PBX phone system is one that uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology in place of traditional telephone systems to facilitate telecommunications. A virtual PBX is hosted using a virtual cloud system such as Amazon’s AWS to operate.
Hosted PBX and virtual PBX systems are both hosted in cloud environments, however, they do differ in terms of function and cost. Hosted PBX solutions are cheaper, out-of-the-box solutions which are suited to small to medium-sized businesses. Virtual PBX on the other hand allows for greater levels of customisation and is suitable for large businesses of 20 users or more who require unique, tailored solutions.
Virtual PBX is best suited to large businesses and those who require a specific user experience such as custom IVR, detailed reporting or a tailored telephony system. Virtual PBX offers greater control than a standard hosted PBX solution with custom reporting, enhanced data control and on-demand access to data.

Any business of 20 users or more and those with complex telecommunications needs will benefit from implementing a virtual PBX system. Examples of industries that would be suited to a virtual PBX solution include government agencies, health insurance companies, financial institutions and other enterprises which have a demand for complex internal and external communications and who require a high amount of custom automation.
Virtual PBX phone systems rely on internet connections to function, so an unexpected internet outage can interfere with your business operations. Fortunately, we offer a built-in fail-safe option which allows you to forward incoming calls to a designated phone in the event of an internet outage so you can continue to serve your clients.

To ensure your customer service continues smoothly in the event of an internet outage, blackout or technology failure, log into your MBIT account and navigate to Features > Telephone Lines. In this section, you will be able to view all of your virtual PBX system’s connected phone lines. You will notice a colour coded flag system in place for each phone line.

• Red flag – an unregistered extension
• No flag – a registered extension
• Green – the extension is currently on a call

Reg flagged numbers will have an “if unregistered, forward to” option underneath them. In this case you can enter a mobile number or another phone number which that extension can be forwarded to. This means that in case of an outage the user of that extension can still be contacted.
Our Auto Attendant feature is essentially a virtual receptionist that can answer phones, direct calls and provide information to people calling your business. It works by answering incoming calls with a customised pre-recorded message and providing options to be put through to an operator, connected to a department, or connected to a particular extension or team member.

The Auto Attendant can be used as a standalone option or as part of a multilevel arrangement of your business’s virtual PBX phone system and can be tailored to suit your unique telco needs.
IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, which is an automated phone system allowing people who call your business to interact with pre-recorded messages to find the information they need. IVR can offer menu items which can be accessed by keying numbers into a phone’s keypad or through voice recognition technology. For instance, a caller may be given different options for which department they would like to talk to and each option will have a corresponding number which the caller would select to be forwarded onto that department. Alternatively, voice recognition technology can ask the caller yes or no type questions to guide them towards a solution or ask them to state what they need such as “pay my bill” or “speak to an agent”.

So, what are the benefits of using IVR?

• Free up more time for your staff – save your staff member from having to answer repetitive questions and leave them with more time to spend on more important and difficult tasks.
• Help customers solve simple solutions – a caller may only need help accessing their account or navigating your website or paying a ball, all things which can easily be helped through an automated message.
• Deal with high call volume – your business may receive large influxes of calls which are impractical for your staff to answer. IVR provides timely responses to incoming calls and prevents lengthy backlogs from forming.
Reduce hold time – incoming calls will spend less time waiting in call queues on hold as they can be directed to the right information or department faster.
Streamline your operations – IVR can direct incoming calls straight to the most appropriate team member or department, removing unnecessary and time-consuming delays.
Reduce costs – TIme is money and the more call time that can be absorbed by IVR, the more time is freed up for your team members to focus on their work.
To view your call history data log into your account and navigate to Reports > Call History. You can filter your call reports with a range of parameters to help gain detailed and valuable insights into your business’s call history.

You can filter your call history by:

• Leg status – Filter your call history data by whether the call was answered or unanswered
• Leg direction – View data based on inbound versus outbound calls
• Call Number – View data for individual numbers or groups of numbers, both incoming and outgoing
• Time period – Choose a set time period for which you wish to view your call history data

Our virtual PBX clients often require custom reporting capabilities, and our call history data reports can be configured to suit your business needs. Use reports to identify customer service issues, call flow bottlenecks, missed calls and a range of other important customer satisfaction and efficiency indicators.

Call history data reports can be exported to internal spreadsheets or integrated into your existing management software to help keep a valuable record of information, visualise trends, analyse performance and track KPIs.
SIP stands for Sessions Initiation Protocol which is the technology with which PBX systems, like virtual PBX, deliver telephone services. Essentially, SIP trunking is the VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, technology that enables virtual phone systems to operate, in the way that traditional telephony relies on physical telephone lines. A SIP Trunk Plan is required to use our virtual PBX system as this is the technology that will allow your phone system to operate, allowing you to make calls to local, international and mobile phone numbers.

Our SIP Trunk phone service includes:

• Unlimited calls to Australian national and mobile DIDs
• 1x DID (Direct Inward Dialling) per Channel, provided by MBIT
• Inbound and outbound faxing
• SMS services for both inbound and outbound messaging
• All of our PBX features including virtual faxing, IVR, auto attendant and more

View our SIP Trunk plans.
Yes, in most cases you can keep all the same telephone numbers when you switch to MBIT. We offer a complimentary porting service which allows you to move your phone numbers from your current provider to MBIT with minimal disruption to your business.

Changing telco providers doesn’t have to be a difficult or lengthy process, with the help of our experienced technicians you can have your new phone system up and running within two days of approval. To move your numbers to MBT we simply require a Port Authorisation Form to be completed and signed, then we’ll take care of everything for you. We’ll contact your current provider to request your numbers be released and transferred to our service.
At MBIT we recommend Yealink phones as our preferred virtual PBX phone systems.

Yealink is the number one phone brand in the world offering a range of industry-leading telecommunications technology solutions. With premium handsets offering superior voice quality and ultimate ease of use, our Yealink phone systems will provide a seamless telco experience. Every piece of technology we provide has been thoroughly tested in-house and we only sell solutions we know will last five years or more.

At MBIT we offer Yealink phones with select HPBX packages. The Yealink SIP-T33G offers a high-performance colour screen IP phone system and offers support for 4 lines along with local 5-way conferencing capabilities. This entry-level phone is ideal for office use in a variety of industries and offers a super comfortable user experience with clear visual displays.

This sleek modern-looking phone is designed to last and will serve your office for years. Our team tests all our telecom solutions in-house and we only recommend the best to our clients. The Yealink T33G features:

• Extra-large 320×240-pixel color display with backlight
• A dual-port Gigabit Ethernet with integrated PoE
• EHS35 support for Yealink wireless headset
• An adjustable multi-angle stand support

This cost-effective solution is suited to offices of all sizes. Learn more about the Yealink T33G. The Yealink T53W combines everyday VoIP phone features with wireless functionality with quick network connectivity regardless of its installation location. The T53W also has Bluetooth functionality making it ideal for use with wireless headsets. This phone set features:

• Yealink Optima HD audio technology, providing excellent wideband sound quality on the hearing aid compatible handset and full-duplex speakerphone
• Yealink Acoustic Shield background noise reduction technology
• A large adjustable backlit display for easy information reading
• Open SIP protocol for an incredible choice of VoIP phone systems
• 12 line support
• USB port which allows for USB headset connection, record calls via a USB stick call recording, and Yealink EXP50 Expansion Module connection.

Yealink T53W is designed first and foremost for functionality, with smart features that make it comfortable and practical for use in a range of office settings. TheYealink T53W is particularly well suited to common workspaces thanks to its advanced background noise-reducing technology.
Our virtual PBX services start at $77 per month on a month-to-month basis with no lock-in contracts. All virtual PBX services require a SIP trunk plan for call connectivity. Our fees are 100% transparent with no hidden costs and highly affordable call rates.