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Virtual PBX

VOIP Plans

Hosted in Amazon AWS

Move your phone infrastructure to the cloud with MBIT managed Amazon AWS Hosting Services.

Advanced Customisation

Utilise FreePBX’s flexible feature-set, including:

 – Unlimited Extensions
 – IVR/Auto Attendant Menus
 – Time Conditions
 – Register a connection from any SIP compatible device
 – Queues and Ring Groups
 – Backup functionality
 – Music on Hold

Along with Asterisk’s customisation potential.

Rapid Deployment

Virtual PBX solutions can be setup and deployed within 2 Business days following confirmation of design details.

Recommended for 20+ users.

Strong Foundations

MBIT are experts in FreePBX and Asterisk, with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Help is always just a phone call away. Our support team endeavours to be transparent and responsive while we investigate support tickets.


With MBIT’s Fixed plans, there are no Hidden Fees. We’ll never surprise you with undisclosed fees or charges.

Call Rates


27.5 cents untimed (outbound)
11 cents per minute (inbound)


Free (outbound)
13.2 cents per minute (inbound)

International Numbers

Varies per destination.
Please contact MBIT for the latest call rates.

Additional Numbers

Regular Numbers

$5.50 per month

1300 Numbers

$16.50 per month

1800 Numbers

$33.00 per month

Mobile Numbers

$11.00 per month