HPBX User Guides

Getting Started Explains how to log in and create a user on HPBX.
Setting Up Call Forwarding Explains how to setup call forwarding for an extension
Setting up Fax to Email Explains how to create a virtual fax that will email you faxes on HPBX.
Setting up Email to Fax Explains how you can send faxes via email.
Setting up Call Barring Explains how you can use Class of Service to block certain countries or numbers from being called
Setting up Conference Rooms Explains how to set up Conference Rooms in HPBX
When the Internet Goes Down Explains how to set up automatic forwarding to a mobile or analogue line if you loose your internet connection.
Setup Voicemail Login Explains how to create a feature code to login to voicemail
Setup Voicemail Greeting Explains how to setup a personal greeting on a voicemail box
Pickup Other Extensions Explains how you can allow other extensions to be able to pick up other users calls
Setting up Call Diversion Explains how to set up company wide call diversion
Setting up Hunt Groups Explains how to set up hunt or ring groups in HPBX
Setting up an IVR and Voice Recording Explains how to set up menus in HPBX
Spend Management Learn how to check current balance and query call costs of a given time period