Business Voip

MBIT Business VoIP uses an onsite Asterisk box to trunk back to our fully clustered services providing you with complete control of your system and clear phone calls through us

Scalable to meet any office size
Huge PBX features List
Can be used with our hosted features

The Difference

When you call MBIT you speak to a Trained Australian Technician that will help you get through any issue you have with your PBX or Hosted Solution

No need to worry about call quality or why a call had a problem MBIT has sophisticated monitoring tools to be able to provide detailed information as to the cause of any voice quality issue.

Hosted PBX

MBIT provides one of Australia’s most advanced hosted PBX systems, providing your business with

Crystal clear phone calls
Unlimited extensions
Hosted IVR, Call Queuing and Call Recording.
Call Conferences