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Support Enquiry Charge

Call Quality Concern

MBIT will conduct an initial investigation for you on your call quality concern free of charge and advise where the problem is occurring.

After this any changes required to be completed by MBIT to your networking equipment will be charged.

Phone Diversion due to fault
(PBX failure, Internet outage etc.)

We do not charge to divert your phone lines if your request is within business hours (Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm) and you need to have your phone line diverted due to a fault with your service or equipment.

After hours diverts incur a minimum of 1 hour support time.

Configuration changes to HPBX or Asterisk not including diversions due to fault or unforeseen circumstance.

Charged per 15 mins

New Hardware install and setup

If the Hardware has been purchased through MBIT there will be no charge otherwise setup is charged per 15mins

General PBX and Phone issues

General issues are charged per 15mins, reoccurring issues or faults caused by the MBIT Network or a MBIT technician will not be charged.