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08/04/2020 Network Update

Carrier interconnect capabilities have been increased and we can confirm that congestion issues have been resolved across all Call Collection Areas in Australia.



27/03/2020 Network Update

All efforts have been made to increase interconnect capabilities.

The following areas have had capacity increases made.




Work is being scheduled for

Melbourne,Sydney and Adelaide


Further updates will be provided once available.

We are unable to provide an ETR at this stage.

24/03/2020 Network Update

Thank you for your patience, the inbound call capacity issues are slowly being resolved. Carriers are adding capacity. There is no ETR yet but the networks are slowly improving

23/03/2020 Network Update

Work is continuing between carriers to upgrade capacity. Changes have been made to improve the situation but there is still no ETR. We ask customers to be patient at this time

18/03/2020 Network Congestion

Due to unprecedented call volumes, our upstream carriers are experiencing congestion on their carrier interconnect trunks.

This can be attributed to the COVID-19 (or Coronavirus) pandemic being experienced around the globe.


Please note measures are being put in place to alleviate the congestion.


Further updates will be provided upon resolution.