Connecting your Elastix Machine to Business Voip

Connecting your Elastix Machine is extremely easy and can be done in 10 minutes. Once you receive your account login for your VoIP account you can login to the VoIP platform and create your login for your PBX.

Go to http://hpbx.com.au and login with your web user login and password

Enter your login details and press login. Then go to features and telephone lines

On this test account you will see that 2 lines are already created, to create a new account for your PBX click on the new button.

The system will automatically generate a telephone line number for you. Enter in a new telephone password. Ensure this is complex. Over the past 2 years PBX hacking is very common and having secure passwords is essential.

When connecting with a PBX you have a couple of settings you want to change to make sure the trunk is optimal. If the trunk is unregistered you can send the calls off to a manager’s mobile. Change the outbound CID value to original must own number and then you can change the number that is sent out on your PBX. You can also set it to unknown or a specific CID. Once you have set the external callerid change the ring for value to 1 hour. This will ensure your PBX has control of the call. Press save and then go back into the telephone line and there will be one more value that we need to change.

When you go back into the telephone line you will find a new value called “Send called number as request URI”. This will send the call to your PBX as a URI with the DID. You can then manage the call via its DID on your Elastix machine. Press save then go into your Elastix machine. After logging into your Elastix machine go to PBX, trunks and add a SIP trunk.

You can now enter the SIP trunk put in the trunk name as HPBX and put a default outbound CID. The VoIP system will honour this CID if you have set the trunk setting in HPBX as original or original must own number. The system doesn’t know what state you are in so I have setup the rule 02 + NXXXXXXX in the dial rules. This will add 02 to any 8 digit NSW number. If you are in another state simply change the number to 03, 07 or 08.

Add a trunk name to identify the trunk. We have used HPBX and entered the peer details. To cut and paste you can use the following for Elastix. Please put in your own telephone number and password.

Peer Details

username=telephoneline - change this to your telephone line
secret=telephonepassword - change this to your telephone password

User Context

telephoneline – change this to your telephone line

User Details

secret=telephonepassword - change this to your telephone password



Press submit and then press the apply configuration button.

To ensure incoming calls come in go to the general settings page.

Change the “Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls” to yes. Then press submit and apply configuration. If you believe this will be a security risk in your situation please apply for a secure VPN configuration to the VoIP service. This will keep all inbound calls coming to your PBX through a VPN.